Why LevelMaster Adjustable Piers?

LevelMaster Adjustable Steel Piers Vs Duragal Piers

Typically, DuraGal steel house piers fixed plates and LevelMaster adjustable steel piers are used for the same purpose: to provide support to your biggest investment the family home.

The big advantage of LevelMaster’s adjustable pier is that they are permanently and always adjustable (the pier can move up and down) in the vertical plane.

Here are a few reasons why so many people now choose to use LevelMaster piers:

  1. LevelMaster piers allow for 150mm adjustment up or down by having a heavy duty M30 threaded rod. This adjustment can be done with a single large shifter, even after the pier has been installed. Compared to zero adjustment on flat standard house piers.
  2. LevelMaster adjustable bracing is manufactured using M16 threaded rod and combined with the adjustable piers provide a fully certified and engineering solution for all homes, investment properties and mezzanine floor applications. There is a full range in stock of all the different pier tops required. Flat plates in all shapes and sizes, vertical L brackets for horizontal mounting, stirrup tops and also a container lock.
  3. Our dedicated house pier team always responds and are there to assist you in any way. We even take it to the next step and support in reviewing building plans to help select the pier connections to the bearers, this ensures a quality-build using the correct products for your next project.
  4. They are shipped Australia wide and to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane daily to family homes and new building sites, meaning we can get you adjustable piers anywhere in Australia.

LevelMaster also supply Steel Stair Stringers with a stair calculator to help you determine the number of treads

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