Steel Stair Stringers

LevelMaster stair stringers (pair) are a superior product that has been expertly designed to stand the test of time. All stringers are hot dip galvanised after fabrication, resulting in corrosion protection inside and out. Build your stairs right the first time, do it with LevelMaster. 

Below is some helpful information about selecting the right size stair stringer for your needs. 

How Many Treads or Steps Do I Need

Working out how many treads (steps) you will need for a certain job isn’t always instantly obvious, so you can contact us, if you’d like to talk to someone about it.

No. of tread pair Height to deck (mm)Distance from deck (mm)


If you’d like to buy our stair stringers, and already know what you need, you can order stair stringers here. If you need treads as well then you can order LevelMaster stairs here through our online store. If you want a professional to install stair stringers then contact us and we can give you some names from our list of approved professionals.

LevelMaster Steel Stair Stringers

stairs Levelmaster Australia

LevelMaster supplies the only adjustable stair stringer base that has been properly engineered and designed. Therefore all stair stringers are manufactured to the requirements of the Australian Building code and to suit standard rise and going measurements:

  • Rise: 175mm
  • Going: 250mm.

Three types of connections for stair stringers

LevelMaster stair stringers are available with three different bases for installation. When purchasing our stringers you will have the option of bolting them down onto an existing pad or casting them into concrete. Both of these options are free with the stringers, do not require any cutting of steel and are adjustable. A third option is to have a landing to landing connection, this is for any stringer running from one floor/deck to another. The landing to landing connectors are sold as a sperate item with more information click below
Custom Stair Stringer Levelmaster Australia

Custom Stringers

Special rise requirements

If you have special rise requirements, we can also supply individual stair tread brackets or manufacture a set of custom stair stringers (on the left is a set of one of our custom stringers). We also have hardwood, merbau, aluminum, and metal step treads as well as the bolts to suit. You can purchase your stringers, treads and bolts in 1 order.

Stairs with Stringer Transformation

Whether you want to add a staircase or liven up an old one LevelMaster has the product for you. Below you will see that replacing a set of old stairs not only creates a safer home environment, with the added structural integrity, but they also look a whole lot nicer. Create a better looking and safer home with LevelMaster.

Stair Stringer Transformation Levelmaster Australia

Buy Stair Stringers Online

You can buy LevelMaster stair stringers online with the click of a button through our online store.
We service and deliver to all of Australia. Including the major cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, and Canberra.

Contact us

If you have any further questions about stair stringers, or need help calculating what you’ll need to buy and how much this will cost, Contact LevelMaster. We’d be happy to talk you through your options.