Restumping Cost – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Toowoomba, Australia

The restumping cost for your house can vary widely. At LevelMaster, we’ve seen just about everything in our time, and we understand all the factors that can affect your final bill.

Restumping Cost: you are better of with LevelMaster

LevelMaster’s world-class, adjustable house stumps are stronger, easier and faster to use. We outsource the actual restumping to our trusted and experienced independent business operators, and a key factor is they also embody our motto, ‘do it once and do it right’.

When looking around for a restumping quote, be very wary of people quoting cheap prices. As Robert from LevelMaster will tell you, there are some inexperienced ‘backyard’ operations in the industry, and their negligent work can lead to tragic results.

We recently did The Brisbane Home Show, and we heard 30-40 horror stories without even soliciting them. There are people in the industry that try to cut corners and cut costs instead of doing it once and doing it properly,’ Robert stated.

Restumping cost factors

The total cost of restumping your house will depend on numerous factors such as those listed below.

The height of your property

If your house is very low then it will be difficult for workers to access underneath. They may also need to excavate or dig in order to restump.

If your house is quite high off the ground, they may be able to bring in a mini-digger, making the restumping job easier which saving labour costs but increase the cost of materials.

Soil conditions

The condition of the soil under your house will affect the amount of work involved in a restumping job. The proper way is to have your soil tested and an engineer specify the depth of the foundation footings. This will avoid errors and additional costs in the future.

Can it all be done at once?

Ideally, the restumping job would be done sequentially in one go. However, if it needs to be done in sections—requiring workers to come and go several times—this will increase costs.

Existing foundations

If the existing foundations can be reused, this will save time and money.

Existing stump holes

If the existing stumps holes can be reused, this will also save time and money. However, if deeper holes need to be dug, this will increase costs.

Restumping cost range

The usual price range for restumping is $500-$700 per stump. Occasionally prices may be closer to $400 if there are no unique or unusual circumstances.

Be very wary of people offering cheap prices; unfortunately, there are a few ‘cowboys’ in the industry who don’t have the necessary experience or quality products to do the job properly. This can lead to huge costs later on, particularly if the job has to be redone.

Remember, the professionals may charge a bit more, but they’ll save you money in the long run! When you use LevelMaster products, you do the job once and do it right.

LevelMaster products: the best in the biz

You can always trust that LevelMaster adjustable house stump products will work properly, while many other products on the market are known to either bind or seize up due to substandard design and materials.

In fact, the cost of our superior adjustable house stumps is very similar to that of competitors’ fixed stumps—sometimes ours are even cheaper. And our products are always in stock.

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