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Some general frequently asked questions;

Does LevelMaster supply hot dipped galvanised stumps?
Yes, LevelMaster can supply hot dipped stumps pre-cut to your desired length. We can pre-assemble each stump for you prior to dispatch if desired. The hot dipped option however incurs a longer lead time.

Does LevelMaster supply the duragal, supagal or galforce stumps?
Yes, in addition to hot dipped gal LevelMaster can also supply galforce steel. Have it cut to any length up to 12m and also fully assembled to your requirement.

Does LevelMaster supply customised items?
Yes, LevelMaster can fabricate stumps to your requirements as well as a custom range of other brackets for buildings.

Does LevelMaster supply & install?
LevelMaster does not install or re-stump houses however we will happily refer you to a range of independent house re-stumping business.

Can LevelMaster weld the connectors on?
Yes we can pre-fabricate both the screw on and weld on connectors. This helps save time and improves accuracy because we are fabricating in a shop and not on site.