Nivcomp Digital Level Tool

Nivcomp Levelling Tool
Nivcomp Levelling Tool

Nivcomp modernised the house levelling instrument by replacing the inspection glass with a sensor module. Consequently this change allows a direct altitude indication with millimetre accuracy. The precision instrument is furthermore connected with an easy to operate measure display, that helpfully does all the complex calculations in the background.

Time saving

The Nivcomp Digital Level offers the professional a notable saving of time compared to levelling methods such as dumpy, hand levels, gas levels or the old hand held hose water level. No installation is needed for the Nivcomp device to measure stump heights accurately, especially around out of sight locations. Nivcomp makes measuring a one man task rather than a difficult two man job.

Easy to use and accurate

The reference base line setting for when you start your house stump/pier measurements is a simple click of a button and is always relative to the datum point. This devices results can be submitted in a court of law because they are so strongly recognised for accuracy. Most professional house re-stumpers/re-blockers use the Nivcomp level in addition to many structural engineers and house certification personnel.


LevelMaster is the Queensland distributor for the German made Nivcomp. This high quality tool is designed for a variety of other height and levelling measurements, not just stumps. In addition LevelMaster organises repair, so please call (07) 3390 4656 or email if you are having issues with your Nivcomp.

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