How LevelMaster House Stumps Work.

Check out the video below to see how LevelMaster is the new way of stumping, levelling and raising a house. LevelMaster’s galvanised steel house stumps (piers) are stronger, easier and faster than traditional stumps.

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Why choose LevelMaster for your next project?

Easy to Adjust

Slow traditional methods of house stumping require heavy hydraulic jacks, packers and complicated machinery. One person with three simple tools can easily adjust LevelMaster house stumps, saving you time and money.

Fast Results

With an experienced team and stock on hand we pride ourselves in the ability to have stumps accurately made up and shipped within 2 business days. This is achieved without any compromise to the end result, we do it once and we do it right.

Height Matters

The unique design of Levelmaster stumps allows for an enormous 120mm of adjustability. Height with traditional house stump levelling is only 50mm putting you at a disadvantage during install and after any soil movement.

Quality and Durability

LevelMaster’s house stumps are made with quality steel and covered to avoid damage from exposure to the elements. The stumps and bracing are also form 15 and form 16 compliant, ensuring any product delivered will be up to the standard of all building laws.

Consumer Choice

Our stumps are not the only thing that is adjustable, we offer many stump variants including; SHS or Screw pile posts of 8 different sizes, weld on or screw on connectors, bolt down or concrete in, and 12 different tops. Still need something different? Get in contact for any custom fabrication.


LevelMaster’s products are all accurately prefabricated so there is no need for an onsite fabricator like traditional methods of stumping.

Intelligent and safe design

The LevelMaster load bearing is direct on a solid plate which is a stronger design than any equivalent in the marketplace. We ensured this by giving our products to multiple engineers and then the Queensland University of Technology. They were tasked with breaking or finding fault with our stumps. The designs passed with flying colours and full engineering certification (source). Click on a product below to find out more, we are competitive on pricing too!

House Stump Tops

We stock an array of different tops to connect the stump to your bearer or house. The thread size is standard across all tops and stump connectors. For custom made shapes please call the office. View tops

House Stump Bases

Regardless of stump size, the concrete in or bolt down options give you flexibility to have the best anchoring for your stumps. Always follow your engineer’s directive for the base of your stump… View bases

Stair Stringers (Pair)

Our hot dipped galvanised stair stringers are a unique and patented design which can be concreted or bolted down without modification. Full legal range from 1 to 17 treads available. View stringers

House Stump Post Connectors

LevelMaster stump connectors have a patented retaining nut which gives you easy adjustment. Readily available for a variety of square or round post sizes.  To view connectors

House Stump Posts

Our Duragal SHS or CHS columns can be cut to any length to meet your specific needs. We also have the option of hot dip galvanising painted SHS if requested, note: this incurs a longer lead time. View posts

Miscellaneous Products

Be sure to check out our range of extras including fasteners and fixings, ant caps and brackets & bracing… View products

What our customers say

After seeing the LevelMaster system on a building site I thought it looked great. Now that I have used them I will never use anything else. Your team was helpful and efficient and I look forward to using LevelMaster stumps again on my next project.”

Jon Johnson

Thanks for a job well done, the price was exactly as quoted and the job was done efficiently and after looking at the state of our timber stumps removed we are so glad to have moved over to the new levelmaster stumps. The levelmaster stumps look great and have made a big difference leveling our old but restored timber home, they are definitely more practical and accurate than going back to old timber stumps.”

Lyndon & Rebekah Biernoff

These stumps look like they will outlast civilization itself. Very impressive.

eBay Customer