LevelMaster is the new way of stumping, raising & levelling

Pre-fabricated and delivered to site ready for installation, LevelMaster’s galvanised adjustable steel house stumps (piers) are stronger, easier and faster than traditional stumps. View products

About LevelMaster

With a patented design (#2011226918) and modular components, LevelMaster’s adjustable stumps (piers) are revolutionising the way Australian homes are being stumped and levelled.

  • Galvanised structural steel

  • Independently tested

  • Heavy duty design

  • Up to 120mm adjustment range

  • Hydraulic jack not always required

  • Ensuring a safe and secure project site.

  • Shorter lead time

  • Australia wide delivery

LevelMaster provides a far superior design to any equivalent

The LevelMaster load bearing is direct on the solid plate which is a stronger design than any equivalent in the marketplace. See some of our products below.

House Stump Tops

Connects to your bearer or house. The connections are standardized. For custom made shapes please call the office and we can quote those separately… View tops

House Stump Post Connectors

Adjustable patented (#2011226918) product available in a variety of sizes to suit your square or round posts. The screw on design is the most popular design… View connectors

House Stump Bases

Concrete in or bolt down, your base we have a solution for you. Always follow your engineer’s directive for the base of your stump… View bases

House Stump Posts

Our SHS or CHS columns made from duragal steel and are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. For how to measure, please go to our FAQ… View posts

Stair Stringers (Pair)

Hot dipped galvanized steel stair stringers with a patented design (#2016206347) range from 1 to 17 treads and can be concreted in or bolted down.  How to measure go to FAQ… View stringers

Miscellaneous Products

Be sure to check out our range of extras including fasteners and fixings, ant caps and brackets & bracing… View products

Why choose LevelMaster for your next project?

Easy to Adjust

Traditional methods of house stumping and house restumping require heavy hydraulic jacks, packers, lifters and complicated machinery. One person with three simple tools can easily adjust LevelMaster house stumps.

Fast Results

In the past, traditional house stumping or house restumping can take up to 3 weeks to completely level a house. LevelMaster tools can get your house level in less than half of the traditional time.

Height Matters

Height with traditional house re-stumping/ house leveling and house raising is 50mm. Level Master’s galvanized house stumps have a max height of 120mm of adjustment due to their unique design.

Quality and Durability

Most traditional house stumps are exposed and have a high chance of wear and rust. LevelMaster’s covered stumps on the other hand have a much lower risk or for wear and tear.

Save on Labour

Other house stumping and house restumping methods can be costly to install, as they require specialist tradesmen with high ongoing costs. LevelMaster on the other hand is quick and simple to install saving on labour costs.


Because LevelMaster’s products are all prefabricated, not only can you rely on their accuracy and consistency; there’s no need for a welder/fabricator for like traditional methods of stumping.

What our customers say

After seeing the LevelMaster system on a building site I thought it looked great. Now that I have used them I will never use anything else. Your team was helpful and efficient and I look forward to using LevelMaster stumps again on my next project.”

Jon Johnson

Thanks for a job well done, the price was exactly as quoted and the job was done efficiently and after looking at the state of our timber stumps removed we are so glad to have moved over to the new levelmaster stumps. The levelmaster stumps look great and have made a big difference leveling our old but restored timber home, they are definitely more practical and accurate than going back to old timber stumps.”

Lyndon & Rebekah Biernoff

These stumps look like they will outlast civilization itself. Very impressive.

eBay Customer