Top Selection Guide

Choosing the right LevelMaster top for your build.

Here at LevelMaster we have developed 17 different top designs to cover a range of different bearer materials. The guide below will help you to work out which top will be best suited to your situation. If in doubt always consult your engineer, especially on larger builds where a custom top may be needed. More information on dimensions and hole sizes can be found in our catalogue.

Traditional Solid Hardwood Bearers

In most cases with traditional hardwood bearers the stumps are bolted into the bearer from underneath. For this you will want to select from the following flat plate tops:

End of Bearer / Straight / Tee / Corner


Restumping House stumps Levelmaster Australia
House stumps Levelmaster Australia

LVL Bearers And The Retrofit Market

With vertically laminated bearers you will want to bolt through the side of the bearer to get a strong, solid fixing for the floor structure. The following are our vertical plate tops:

Vertical Small / Vertical Large / Vertical Extra Large / Vertical Large Corner

C-Purlin Style Floors

C-Purlin style floors requires a bolt through the bottom flange, which is why we have off-set the holes in these designs. The tops for C-Purlin bearers are:

Straight Offset Hole / Straight 4 Hole / Corner 4 Holes


House stumps Levelmaster Australia
Dog Clamp Kit LevelMaster Australia

UC / I-Beam Steel Bearers

I shaped beams can be fixed in three different ways; with a dog-clamp as shown to the left, they can be welded directly onto the stump top or the can be bolted through the bottom flange. The tops you need are:

End Slotted / Straight Large

Timber Post Connections

At times it is needed to join a stump directly onto a timber post. If this is something you need to do then use one of these tops:

Vertical Plate 90 / Stirrup

Adjustable House Stumps Levelmaster Australia
container schematic Levelmaster Australia

Container Locks and Steel Hollow Section

If you are using 50mm SHS for your bearers then the best top is the Stirrup-50 top, which allows you to easily bolt the whole way through.

For containers we have developed the Container Lock top which works by turning the top tab into the container castings at each corner and then tightening up the 150mm square plate onto the bottom, which safely locks the container onto the stump.

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