Stair Calculator for Stair Stringers

If you’re building a new house that sits above ground level or has 2 stories or if you’re planning on raising your existing house, you’ll need stair stringers for your staircases.

LevelMaster uses hot dip galvanisation on our stair stringers after fabrication. Hence the stringers have internal and external corrosion protection.

To work out how many stairs you’ll need and how much it will cost, use our stair calculator table below, or give us a call on 1300 538 356.


Stair stringer treads: rise and going

Our stair stringers range from 1-17 treads (steps) and are made for standard ‘rise’ and ‘going’.

The rise is the vertical measurement taken from one step level to the next. Standard rise is 175mm.

The going is the horizontal measurement taken from the front of one step to the next. Standard going is 250mm.

The picture bellow shows the rise and going of a staircase.

Stair Calculator - Stair Stringer Calculator, Prices, Australia

How many treads (steps) will I need?

To calculate the number of treads (steps) you will need to, simply measure the vertical distance from the landing to the ground, and then divide this figure by 175 (the height between each step). You’ll also then need to round the figure to the nearest whole number and deduct 1 for the top landing (as it’s already a step). ((VERTICAL HEIGHT/175)-1)


A height of 1425 divided by 175 = 8.14 (round to 8) minus 1 = 7 treads required


Stair calculator table

Using the table below you can calculate the cost of your stair stringers based on how many treads you will need. If you don’t know how many treads you’ll need, refer to the example formula above.

You can choose either ‘bolt down’ or ‘cast in’ stair stringers, depending on your needs; the cost of each type is the same. Our stair stringers are sold in pairs (you need 2 stringers per staircase) however treads are over 1000mm in length require an extra stringer for support. Refer to our engineering documents. 

No. of tread pair Cost ($) Vertical height (mm) Horizontal width in (mm)
1 117 350 250
2 127 525 500
3 142 700 750
4 172 875 1000
5 205 1050 1250
6 240 1225 1500
7 275 1400 1750
8 310 1575 2000
9 345 1750 2250
10 385 1925 2500
11 425 2100 2750
12 460 2275 3000
13 510 2450 3250
14 550 2625 3500
15 595 2800 3750
16 725 2975 4000
17 830 3150 4250

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