About Us: LevelMaster Adjustable Stumps

Stronger, Easier and Faster.

An Australian owned company, LevelMaster improves the time and cost of levelling a house. When the ground moves you need to go back in and adjust the levels otherwise you get cracks in your walls, and the doors jam. LevelMaster stumps have an in built retainer nut providing a quick and inexpensive fix to that problem.


House re-stumping or new stumps.

Used on stumped buildings LevelMaster is a patented product that is stronger, easier and faster than using traditional stumps. The install speed and ease of adjustment also reduces total onsite labour.

We offer two kinds of connectors:

Weld on: Whilst uncommon some companies prefer the connector to be welded onto the top of the SHS stump. These connectors save a small amount of money and provide more uplift. LevelMaster do pre-fabricate house stumps including the weld on connectors.

Screw on: The more popular method is to tek screw the connector on. With no heat applied, the screw on connections do not disturb the galforce coating nor the strength rating. Engineers will specify the uplift requirements, each tek screw can render 10KN of uplift force.

Why choose LevelMaster for your next project?

  1. Easy to Adjust
    Traditional house stumping and re-blocking required heavy hydraulic jacks, packers and lifters. Whereas one person with three simple tools can easily adjust LevelMaster house stumps.
  2. Quality and Durability
    Exposure to the elements leads to a higher chance of wear and rust which was common on house stumps in the past. LevelMaster’s covered stumps on the other hand have a much lower risk for rust. LevelMaster’s achieves a long life expectancy by hot dip galvanising our stump tops and bases.
  3. Fast results
    In the past, house stumping or re-blocking could take up to 3 weeks to level a house. LevelMaster tools can get your house level in less than half of that time.
  4. Save on labour
    Other stumping methods can be costly to install, as they require specialist tradesmen with high ongoing costs. LevelMaster on the other hand is quick and simple to install saving on labour.
  5. Height matters
    The maximum legal height for repacking to level with traditional re-stumping/ house levelling is 50mm.  In contrast Level Master’s house stumps have a max height adjustment of 120mm due to their unique design.
  6. Pre-fabrication
    LevelMaster can also accurately pre-fabricate all products, removing the need for an onsite fabricator like traditional methods of stumping.

The traditional method for house stumps was followed much the same in many fabrication shops through the 1960’s -2000’s and was poorly designed. LevelMaster took a different approach by creating detailed engineering and design works completed within Australian Structural Steel codes. This is a first for Australian steel house stumps. LevelMaster has form 15 and 16 certification for stumps and bracing which makes it easy for your building to be certified when complete.

A qualified Engineer with a background in structural steel, to Q.B.S.A. standards, has since acquired LevelMaster. The new staff bring in excess of 30 years experience with structural steel installations. These skills and experience strengthen LevelMaster’s expansion to service all in Australia.

LevelMaster’s products deliver the philosophy of do it once and do it right for all Builders and Handymen. The ability to adjust the stumps readily and easily (one Spanner) is a key feature of the design. LevelMaster’s also supplies adjustable stair stringer bases and distributes a high quality water level meter called the Nivcomp. This German device ensures mm accuracy when setting levels.


The adjustable stump evolved from the old method of welding a piece of box section to the top of some SHS then drilling holes through. As the seam is not designed for lateral shear forces this weakened that section and the entire stump. SHS on it’s side is not manufactured to perform as a structural component. The forces applied to that part of the stump are first to fail, in a large range, when placed in the hydraulic test benches. The failures were due to boilermakers handing down the old design and not using properly certified drawings. Today, Australian home owners are still widely experiencing these failures and problems.

LevelMaster Team

Our team dedicates itself to professional service in the building supply industry and together we will continue to provide more years of experience and great customer service.

Our Vision

To be Australia’s leading supplier in the house stump/pier, house blocking and all other buildings which require adjustable solutions.

Our Aim

To supply the most cost effective and well designed foundation systems.
To provide efficient and professional service to all our customers.

Call our team for any questions or further information you may require.

The LevelMaster Team