About Us: LevelMaster Adjustable Stumps

Stronger, Easier and Faster.

An Australian owned company, LevelMaster improves the time and cost of levelling a house. When the ground moves you need to go back in and adjust the levels otherwise you get cracks in your walls, and the doors jam. LevelMaster stumps have an in built retainer nut providing a quick and inexpensive fix to that problem.


The traditional method for manufacturing house stumps remained unchanged through the 1960’s -2000’s and was generally considered to be poorly designed. LevelMaster took a different approach by creating detailed engineering and design works completed within Australian Structural Steel codes. This is a first for Australian steel house stumps. To ensure strict compliance, LevelMaster has form 15 and 16 certification for stumps and bracing which simplifies the certification process when building is complete.

In 2014, the business was acquired by Robert Rooker, a qualified Engineer with a background in structural steel,(to Q.B.S.A. standards). With Robert, the LevelMaster Team enjoys in excess of 30 years’ experience with structural steel installations. We employ onsite boilermakers at both our Brisbane and Toowoomba branches to ensure quick turnaround for any local fabrication requests from our customers. These skills and experience strengthen LevelMaster’s expansion and sets the stage for further growth in Australia.

LevelMaster’s products deliver the philosophy of do it once and do it right for all our Customers. We are working to establish enhanced distribution services across the country to make the LevelMaster experience even better.

House re-stumping or new stumps.

Used on stumped buildings LevelMaster is a patented product that is stronger, easier and faster than using traditional stumps. The install speed and ease of adjustment also reduces total onsite labour.

We offer two kinds of connectors:

Weld on: in situations where maximum strength is required (eg cyclone rated areas) we offer the weld on version of our LevelMaster connectors. This type of connector will be specified by the design engineers to meet or exceed wind rating uplifts.

Screw on: The more popular method is to secure the connector using 14g Class 4 TEK screw. By using this method of connection, we can still meet or exceed most building requirements up to N3 wind ratings. The main benefit achieved is the time saved in assembly with no on site welding required.

Why choose LevelMaster for your next project?

  1. Easy to Adjust
    Compared to traditional prefabricated steel stumps, LevelMaster stumps are easy to install and get all points level in a fraction of the time.
  2. Quality and Durability
    All LevelMaster Stump connectors, bases and tops have been treated to a hot dipped galvanising process to increase durability and extend stump life.
  3. Fast results
    In the past, house stumping or re-blocking could take up to 3 weeks to level a house. LevelMaster tools can get your house level in less than half of that time.
  4. Save on labour
    Other stumping methods can be costly to install, as they require specialist tradesmen with high ongoing costs. LevelMaster on the other hand is quick and simple to install saving on labour.
  5. Height matters
    The maximum legal height for repacking to level with traditional re-stumping/ house levelling is 50mm.  In contrast Level Master’s house stumps have a screw height adjustment of up to 120mm due to their unique design. The stump remains adjustable for the life of the building.
  6. Pre-fabrication
    LevelMaster provides a FREE assembly service to save you even more time on the jobsite. Just let us know the details (heights, connector top and bases) and we will do the rest. We can even ship direct to site (freight charges apply) if required.

Our Team

The backbone of our business is of course you the customer. In everything we do, we ensure that your experience with us meets or exceeds your expectations. Our small team ensures a level of customer intimacy whilst still large enough to pass on efficiency gains to our customers.

Our Vision

To be Australia’s leading supplier of adjustable house stumps and associated cross bracing and adjustable stair stringers to the Australian building industry.

Our Aim

To supply the most cost effective and well designed foundation systems.
To provide efficient and professional service to all our customers.
The LevelMaster Team