Why Adjustable House Stumps

Why use adjustable house stumps

Traditionally when a building application required an elevated floor, the choices were to use timber, concrete or brick piers as the support stumps. When steel posts became an option, they were fabricated to a fixed height from the site measurements and would often be requiring modification (packing or re-welding) during the installation in order to achieve a level sub-floor.

Now there is the superior option of adjustable house stumps, designed by LevelMaster, which remove a lot of the headache and cost that traditional stumps impose. Being able to use a single large shifter to change the stump height by up to 120mm, allows the user to achieve a level floor faster and without the hassle of fabrication. LevelMaster have also had multiple engineers test our products, and they are always coming back with results showing how strong our stumps are (15 tonne downforce capacity). LevelMaster offers you a product that matches our company motto of Stronger. Easier. Faster. See our house stump shop

Advantages Of Using LevelMaster Adjustable Steel Stumps

Immediate availability of all components.

17 different top designs, to suit any sub floor application.

Faster and more accurate leveling during and after sub-floor installation.

Adjustment can be done fast and easy at any time.

No welding on-site and posts can be cut to approximate, rather than exact lengths.

The flexibility of choosing either no fabrication or all fabrication done on-site.

Height adjustment range of up to 120mm with a 200mm thread.

All components hot dipped galvanised to ensure protection from corrosion.

Made to exceed the strict Australian Standards with national engineering certifications.

Australian designed and patented product.

Thousands of installations Australia wide.


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Adjustable House stumps Levelmaster Australia
Adjustable House stumps Levelmaster Australia

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