Landing To Landing

Stairs from one level to another level, floor to floor or deck to floor is commonly referred to as a ‘landing to landing’. The stairs from landing to landing fix to the vertical face of each landing hence standard stringers and stairs do not work in this situation.

However, we have a solution for you, our landing to landing bracket. 

 It works as simply as the name suggests; being a bracket that bolts right onto the end of our standard stringers (only works with our 2 – 10 step stringers) allowing you to instantly connect the stringer onto the face of a landing.

For the first time ever there is an off the shelf solution available in Australia. In the past, this would require fabrication which adds additional costs and takes extra time to complete.

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Even with the adaptor you still choose the same size stringer as if you were going to connect to the ground. So If your deck to landing vertical height is 1400mm, choose our 7 step stringer and the landing to landing brackets.


If you require a landing to landing stringer over 10 steps (height 1925mm) or any other type of customisation/modification, such as a top side mount plate, we can also do it for you.

Call 1300 538 356 and we will give the best advice to get the job done.

Landing to Landing Stair stringer Connection
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If you have any further questions about stair stringers, or need help calculating what you’ll need and how much this will cost, Contact LevelMaster. We’d be happy to talk you through your options.