Stump Heights

LevelMaster are the experts in house stumps. We require your overall stump heights to be submitted in writing prior to placing your order. This is to ensure that we supply the correct post heights for a trouble-free installation.

Please only provide us with your overall heights and we will deduct the correct amount off the SHS length. This is done to allow room for the adjustable components and also so there will be 30mm of exposed thread when you install the stumps, allowing for both up and down adjustment.

Refer to the diagram below on how to measure the correct overall heights for your build. If there are many different heights, it’s a good idea to number each post when working out the heights. We will write those numbers onto the bottom of your stumps bases during production to allow for easy identification. If you need more help selecting tops click here or if you need more information on adjustable stumps click here.

House Stump Heights Schematic

LevelMaster will calculate the correct SHS cut length to allow for top/bottom plates and the adjuster nut. If you are unsure on your exact stump heights we can leave the posts unassembled so that post heights can be adjusted before installation.