Digital Level – Electronic Digital Spirit Level Device Tool

NIVCOMP Level Tool:Digital Level - Electronic Digital Spirit Level Device ToolThis Is What You Need to Measure Height and Levels Accurately and Easily: NIVCOMP Digital Level Tool

Are you looking for a high-quality device to measure house stump height? Or perhaps you have other jobs that require precise height and level check or measurements? Let us introduce you to the NIVCOMP Level. This is exactly what you need to measure height and levels accurately and easily. And it’s available right here from LevelMaster—we’re the official Queensland distributor.

What is the NIVCOMP Level?

The NIVCOMP Digital Level tool (also called ‘NIVCOMP electronic digital liquid level’ or ‘NIVCOMP electronic water level’) is a high-quality house-stump measuring device, made in Germany. It is a modern version of a traditional hose-levelling instrument. In this case, a sensor module has replaced the glass, and it has direct altitude indication in millimetres.

This is a precision instrument that is very easy to use. It even connects to a display that does all the complex calculations for you.

Why use a NIVCOMP Digital level?

The NIVCOMP digital spirit Level is a great way to save time. When compared to other levelling methods, such as dumpy, hand levels, gas levels or the old ‘hand-held hose water level’, the NIVCOMP is far superior.

For starters, no installation is needed. And, it makes difficult two-man operations into a simple, one-man job. So if you need to measure stump heights accurately (especially around corners or locations out of sight) the NIVCOMP digital electronic Level has you covered.

Did we mention how simple to use it was? Well, for example, the reference base line setting (when you start your house releveling or pier measurements) requires just the click of a button. And, all measurements are relative to the datum point.

Accurate enough for court cases

That’s right, the NIVCOMP electronic water level is known and respected for being very accurate. So accurate, in fact, that its measurements can be submitted in court cases.

Who uses the NIVCOMP Level?

Most professional house restumpers and house reblockers use the NIVCOMP device, so do many structural engineers and house certifiers.

Why? Because the benefits are irresistible. It will save you time, simplify your jobs, and give you precise readings. And whenever you save time and manpower, you can bet you’ll be saving yourself money too. The NIVCOMP smart level is a great investment for many businesses.

Get the NIVCOMP Level from LevelMaster

LevelMaster is the Queensland distributor for the NIVCOMP levelling tool. So if you have any questions about this device, contact us now. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can view and purchase the NIVCOMP Level from our online store.

NIVCOMP Level Tool: Measure the Height of House Stumps Accurately


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